About Josh

Educated at Kent State University in Visual Communication, Josh set off into the professional world with stars in his eyes and debt looming behind him.

Enough in the third person. I have been pursuing a career in design since high school, since my fateful time studying Commercial Art at the now closed Central Hower High School in Akron. I took some time to gain perspective on my love of design by experimenting with mechanical engineering and management at UPS. I ultimately graduated in 2010, and have loved working in the field since.

I married my best friend, Ashley, in 2011, and we currently have two cats that fill the void most people fill with children. She wouldn’t let me use a photo of her for this, but the kitties were more than willing to oblige.

I am currently Visual Marketing & Brand ManagerĀ at Step2. I work to bring products to life and ensure a consistent visual message across all medias. I am currently working on my MBA at John Carroll University.

If interested, you can take a peek at my resume over on Linkedin, or if you would prefer a pdf, I have that as well.

A special thanks to Connor Gaughan. Without him answering all of my stupid questions, this site would have looked like it was from 2006.